The Auto Cash Funnel Software Review

I’ve just wrapped up my review of¬†The Auto Cash Funnel¬†system created by Chris Freville and Paul Teague. I know many of you are looking to buy this software program and you’re probably wondering if it’s a scam or not. I urge you not to download or buy it until you read my review.

Chris Freville and Paul Teague released Auto Cash Funnel on December 6, 2010. Chris and Paul are known in the internet marketing industry as “guru’s”, basically anything that has their name on it is pretty much golden. Chris’s previous launch Stealth Profit Machines clocked major league dough, raking in a massive $600,000 in profit and also boasted a Top 3 ranking in the cb marketplace for several weeks. Paul Teague is well known on the “underground” internet marketing circuit. clickfunnels reviews 2019 Paul has been quietly raking in thousands of dollars each day with a little known method that’s being taught in this system.

My thoughts…….

Is Auto Cash Funnel a scam? No. Not by any chance. I had a chance to study some of the videos last night. In my opinion, it caters to the newbie/novice internet marketer. When I say newbie or novice, I mean those of you who new to internet marketing. Anyhow, there’s a special video dedicated to newbie’s it’s geared toward getting your business up and running in less than 42 minutes. It’s basically a copy n paste method. Takes absolutely no brain power to implement this system.

I could really foresee someone with no prior experience starting their own home based business 40-50 minutes after reviewing the material. It’s that simple.

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